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boys´ camp
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"As you guys know, this isn't just a regular summer camp.”
Robert stood at the front of the room facing the group of ten 18 year olds. They had all been chosen from a group of applicants for their good looks and above average athletic ability.

Robert had chosen shorts and a T shirt that would enhance the appearance of his extremely muscular body. He wanted them to get used to the idea of being comfortable with the display of his kind of exaggerated masculinity.

They passed out large glasses full of protein drinks for the guys to drink with their hamburgers. They figured there was no point in making them overly nervous right at the start, so they didn't mention that each of their drinks contained the formula that would alter their genetic makeup and send them on their ways to becoming the first group to be transformed.
It wasn't long before Steven noticed that a couple of the guys were starting to show growing bulges in their shorts, caused by their inevitable erections. It was kicking in.

Robert remembered how it had felt when it happened to him. He had suddenly become so horny, and no matter what he did, he couldn't stop himself from getting a hard-on. At first he had wanted to hide it, then he started feeling proud of it, and then he had found himself feeling turned on and horny and powerfully attracted to Steven.

He would have died of embarrassment, feeling that way about his old buddy, his old super straight buddy, but he soon discovered that Steven was experiencing the same thing. He knew, and he knew Steven knew, that the same thing would soon be happening to these boys.

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DESCRIPTION : ap, maturing progresses, increasing sexdrive and hairiness, tfs into embodiments of manliness...