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don´t wanna hear smoking is not healthy.
know it myself. but nothing makes me feel as cool as smoking.
a cigarette between my bristly lips. makes me feel manly. cool. makes me horny. I scratch my unshaved face and I unbutton my shirt and let my chesthair poke out. I grow a boner. my own manliness arouses me and my pants tent out. shit, next I have to free my hardon. that s the moment I know - this prick won´t get smooth again before he has shot his loads. so I start to rub him and knead him. feels so good.

this is, why smoking is dangerous for me, hahaha.

till dabei's Album: cocky fantasies - mainly masculinisation

DESCRIPTION : ap, maturing progresses, increasing sexdrive and hairiness, tfs into embodiments of manliness...