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only fresh air?
the farmer and his farmhands said, it is the fresh air, that makes you mature quicker. and the hard work, right on the bosom of nature.
I started to work there quite lean and smooth and looking very boyish.

after one week my sexdrive increased rapidly. In the morning my bed was full of stains of thick wihite creamy cum. I was ashamed, but the others laughed and made jokes. I got aware, that they wank off together in an old shed. I got aware, they did it every night, telling each other gay fantasies. I got aware, nobody left before shooting his loads 3 times. I needed to take part!!! and it was hot.

a week later the fuzz in my face grew darker and thicker. the others caressed my chin and twitched my whiskers. I felt proud and really got hard, when they did so.

again a week later my body grew manlier, my legs were soon coated in dark fur and my pithair changed into thick bushes, poking out brawdily.

in the forth week I noticed some blond fuzz on my chests. by now one part of the nightly jerk off sessions was, observing my changing body. I lay on a table and all the guys caressed my body, ran with fingers across my new manfur, twitching and twisting all those fuzzy or thick hair, thrusting their hard rods agains my hairy body and squirting their juice on my chest.

by now I know, they did something in my water. a testosterone-serum. and tomorrow a new guy will arrive....

till dabei's Album: cocky fantasies - mainly masculinisation

DESCRIPTION : ap, maturing progresses, increasing sexdrive and hairiness, tfs into embodiments of manliness...