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shit, whats happening?
A mirror shows in the reflection how boys become:
gay, hairy and horny - and the change begins:

Marc turns on the shower, gets undressed and gets under the hot water. As he's washing his body his starts to feel stubble where some of his body hair has started to grow back. He had just shaves a few days ago.
He finishes up in the shower and steps out and dries off. He steps in front of the bathroom mirror to brush his hair and notices …it's a shadow on his face. A beard shadow. He turns his face to one side and then the other and notices that it covers where it was exactly in the other mirror.
He looks at the reflection once again and sees the same buzzed hairy bearded version of himself. His dick starts to rise and he panics even more as his finds himself being turned on by his reflection. He starts to give in to his feelings and brings his reflections hands up to his face and starts stroking.
As he strokes his face. The feel of the stubble makes his dick rise harder. His mind no longer in control, he brings his other hand down to his now erect penis and starts to stroking that as well, until he has an orgasm and cums. The cum lands on the mirror.
[the mirror]

till dabei's Album: cocky fantasies - mainly masculinisation

DESCRIPTION : ap, maturing progresses, increasing sexdrive and hairiness, tfs into embodiments of manliness...