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smoke n stroke
found those new cigarettes.
called "smoke n stroke. for cool guys only".

tried them. tasted cool.
first puff - thought: he, cool.
second - wow. makes me feel weird.
third - feel good. somehow happy. easy.
next - feel nice. yeah, manly. a cool, beautiful, good looking guy.
then - very manly. had to open my hoody and show off my trained body.
then - even manlier. one hand slid down and grapped my bulging pants.
then - grew a hardon and got so horny.
then - shit- right men have hairy bodies! felt my skin tingle - and believe it or not - soft fuzz started to shine on my chest!!!
my boner grew even harder and my hand slid into my pants.
with the last drag I shot my load into my undies.
shit this was so cool.
baught a carton of those cigarettes.

till dabei's Album: cocky fantasies - mainly masculinisation

DESCRIPTION : ap, maturing progresses, increasing sexdrive and hairiness, tfs into embodiments of manliness...