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17 inches?
it´s more, my friends.
come here and touch it.
feel how hard it is? feel the slimy pre oozing and running down that tower of shaft.

all my blood is soaked into my cock when he starts to rise - and that makes me even more dumb and horny.
when he is stiff, I reduce to pure lust.
and he is stiff all day long.

well, yeah, I was a testperson for drugs against erectile dysfunction. and they warned me.
I was stiff 3 days and nights. so stiff - it hurt. and so horny, I didn´t do anything else then caress my boner, milk him, knead my nuts, jerk and wank, ...

when he got soft again, he didn´t shrink!!! o gosh, I thought, that cannot be, and tried again... and again.... and again...

till dabei's Album: cocky fantasies - mainly masculinisation

DESCRIPTION : ap, maturing progresses, increasing sexdrive and hairiness, tfs into embodiments of manliness...

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