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Warm and Cozy
Sam had tried the dicking soap on two random gym mates. He was amazed how quickly they got sucked down to their own cocks and balls. He took stuffed them into his bag and quickly went home. Here the fun really started.

thysonrex Schmidt's Album: Dicking Lube and Mint

DESCRIPTION : ever wondered how a dick feels? You can find out. Either try it yourself for a few hours, using a lube. Or enjoy a surprise when a friend or strager dicks you with an amazing Hand or Blowjob

  • thysonrex Schmidt
    thysonrex Schmidt He knew the soap would keep them dicked at least for two days. So after getting them hard pulling his sock over them he made to join them. He lube himself up with d-live and pushed his cock in between the two boners. He eas just able to pull the sock...  more
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  • soochie1
    soochie1 Would be even more fun if someone found the socks stuffed with cocks accidentally
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