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Chris dared me to try a monkey spell on him, not believing I'd be able to do it. He was shocked when he felt himself starting to shrink, his ears swelling and his new muzzle jutting out. He dropped to the ground on all fours, his knuckles curled and a dumb look of surprise on his face. "You gotta ... ook ook ... you gotta change me back, man," he said, staring up at me. He tried to stand, his now-stubby legs bowed out under him. He just barely came up to my waist now, but he was still as muscled as ever. His mouth was the perfect BJ height. I pointed at my cock. "Suck it, monkey, and I'll think about what to do with you," I said. He looked afraid for a moment, but then he got that dumb look on his face again and went right for it. as he sucked, he didn't even notice the fur sprouting down his back, and the tail pop out from over his ass. When I finally came, he lapped it all down and looked up at me again. He was a furry little ape-man now, mostly humanoid but stumpy and muscular, hairy all over, with devolved facial features and a ropey tail. "Oooook ook ook," he said, trying to find words. "Whaddya gonna oook do to me?" I picked him up. He was so small now! Hardly the cocky asshole I'd known before. "I like you like this," I said. "You're a monkey boy now." He looked down at himself. "Ooook! Oook ook ook ... I'm a monkeyboy," he repeated. He looked up at me, a little embarrassed. "Can I ... ook ook ... can I have a banana?"

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