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Rick kept stealing my muscle-growth bars, and I had to admit he was looking pretty good. But I can't stand thieves. So one day I showed him that I was moving the bars to a top shelf. He laughed. "I can still reach them up there!" he said. "Maybe you're right," I said. "Better make sure you can't." There was a sparkling, and then he started shrinking down, down, down, until he was only as tall as his belly button was a few seconds ago. I always liked his big strong hands and feet, though, so those got a little bigger. He looked shocked. "I'm a freak!" he said, in a panic. "Turn me back!" I laughed. "No way," I said. "And if you steal from me again, I'll turn you into a pig." He looked scared. "You wouldn't," he said. I laughed again and pointed to his ass, where a curly little tail was already starting to sprout. He oinked in surprise.

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