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We set up a new a house rule: no jacking off in the shower. Break the rule, and the spell would automatically change one of your body parts into a pig's for one week. Apparently Calvin just couldn't wait to try it out, and after the first day I heard grunting coming from the bathroom. "Snort snort -- look at me, dude!" he said, rubbing his swelling body. "Fuckin' pig! Oink!" He looked good as a pigboy, and I could feel my cock starting to harden. Calvin grunted again. "You gotta try it, man, snort snort," he said. "No way," I said, but I couldn't look away. He laughed, a laugh that turned into a sexy squeal at the end. "Oink! Just c'mere, dude," he said, reaching out and pulling me closer. He drew me into a kiss before I could stop him. I felt his snout press against my face and my cock was rock-hard. His hand reached down my pants and felt it. "Yeah, snort snort, you like it huh?" he smirked. He started rubbing my dick. "Don't, dude, I don't wanna pig out," I gasped, but it felt so good. His snout rubbed my face, and I felt his breath in his big fat nostrils. He grunted in my ear, jerking me harder until I jizzed all of a sudden in my pants, in his hand. "Yeah, oink squeal!" he yelled, grinning crazily. "Aw man, what did you snort do to me?" I said. I clapped my hand to my face but I knew what I would find. My nose had turned up into a piggy fat snout like his. He kissed me again, our big noses rubbing against each other. "I wanna -- snort -- I wanna grow a tail, dude," he said. "And you need -- oink oink oink -- you need floppy ears." I tried to say I agreed, but all that came out of my mouth was oinking.

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