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I didn't mean to change us into pigs. I was fooling around with a muscle growth spell and I must've mispronounced something, because the next thing I knew I heard grunting from the living room. I had accidentally given my roommate Dale a snout! And he was pissed. "Dude! (Snort snort oink)," he grunted. "You gotta (grunt squeal) you gotta turn me back!" I wasn't sure how, though. "Uh, lemme try," I said, casting a reversal spell. But I messed that one up too, and that spread the change to me. "Unnng," I said as my noise turned up, "oh my Godddd -- oink!" I felt my snout with my fingers. It was big and fat and a little hairy. "Fuck," said Dale, snorting. "Now what? (Snort snort.)" I flipped frantically through my spellbook, and found something about pigs. I didn't really understand it but I figured things couldn't get much worse. "I hope (grunt oink) this one works," I said, casting it. "Wait! Don't -- don't -- aaaaghh SQUEEEAL!" Dale doubled over, and a moment later I felt a queasy stretch in my gut as well, then a painful press against my balls. I oinked in surprise and reached down my pants. My dick and balls were suddenly huge! I looked up at Dale and he was doing the same. We slowly lowered our pants and could see that we were both sporting enormous packages. Our balls were so big they forced our legs to bow out. I went down on my knees on the ground, and Dale sat back on the couch. "(Grunt snort) I guess it's not ... oh fuck ... oink! It's not all bad," he said, fondling his dick. Oh man, I was suddenly so horny. Must've been all that testosterone. I had to have his cock, and I waddled forward on all fours and shoved it in my mouth, grunting hungrily. "Yeah dude... oink oink ... take it," Dale snorted. I could feel the changes spreading to my ears, and a tail sprouting over my ass. My fingers throbbed as they became hooves. "His dick tastes so good," I thought. Of course it did -- we were pig sluts now. My mind was getting hazy and dumb. I oinked.

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