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Bill liked to get off fast, and he told me that if I didn't make him cum within 5 minutes there would be consequences. I tried my hardest, but before I knew it I could feel my face starting to change. I tried to protest but the only sound I could make came out as oinking. Bill laughed. "What a pig," he said. "Get used to the view down there, because it might be a long time before you can walk on two legs again." I felt my ass start to inflate, a corkscrew tail wiggling between my now-huge ass cheeks. I sucked harder, grunting with effort. "Come on, piggy," Bill said. I put my hands on the ground to brace myself, and my fists balled up involuntarily. My fingers cramped and squeezed into hooves, and suddenly my arms were nothing more than front legs. My back legs bulged with fat to match my ass, and I could feel my thighs pressing together as my toes went through the same change. I realized I was standing on all fours now, sucking away. Finally Bill jizzed in my mouth and I licked it up grunting with relief. "I'm going to give you back you voice for a few seconds so you can tell me how much you liked that," Bill said. "It was amazing, I gasped from my new snout, "but Bill, you gotta change me back. I can't -- oink snort -- I can't stay a pig -- grunt grunt oink -- please oink Bill don't leave me snort snort grunt oink snort..." Bill laughed and flicked my bouncy tail as I reverted back to an oinking pig.

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