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Poor Dave had no idea I was changing him until it was too late. He was so cocky and constantly bragging, but one touch was all it took to shut him up. "Mmm, that feels good," he murmured as his fur grew in. I rubbed the stubble as it grew thicker and thicker, his nose broadening in my hand. A little flick on his ear and they both shot up alongside his head. He giggled. "What was that?" he laughed. I smiled. "Tell me your name again," I said. "What, did you forget?" He laughed. "It's Daveeeehaww!" He looked confused. "Did I just ... bray?" he asked. I rubbed his cheek again and his intellect drained right away. "Tell me your name," I said again. "Uhhh, eeehawww," he smiled dumbly at me. "heeawww! I dunno." His new tail flicked back and forth as he leaned forward, a stupid smile on his face getting wider and wider.

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