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"Aw man, you STINK," I told Chris as he took his shoes off.
"I don't smell it," he said, sniffing his sneaker.
"What do you, like the stink of your own feet? Ugh, it's like you crawled out of a fucking pigsty," I said. But I forgot that he was under a suggestibility curse, where anything someone said to him could change him. His eyes got kind of glazed and he smelled again.
"Hey, yeah, snort, I do kinda like the smell," he said, sticking his whole face in the shoe. When he took it out, he had a pig snout. He oinked a couple times at me with a dumb look on his face. Could he even talk anymore? Did he want to? His ears flopped out and he started getting fat. His foot smell was getting stronger and stronger.
I shrugged. Might as well enjoy this. "You big fat stinking cocksucking pig," I said, "get over here and suck my dick." He grunted happily in response.

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