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    GuanFeng Vegetable Processing Machine

    The Vegetable Processing Machine production line can add or reduce equipment according to different processing materials to achieve the best matching processing technology and the best production efficiency.
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    led by gffreezedrymachine

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    led by RubberMelt

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    Slugs and snails

    A group for anyone who wants to end up as or turn people into filthy slugs or snails
    led by horny lion

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    Santa TFs

    Hohoho! Looking jolly there, big guy!
    led by BlueTFed

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    Toon TFs

    Either becoming an existing cartoon character, or becoming an anthro stylised like a toon, whichever works for you!
    led by BlueTFed

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    Extra limbs and body parts
    led by multilimb

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    Werewolf/wereanimal dating!

    Hello amd welcome my werefriends! This is a new dating group for werepeople of all kinds! Have fun! Everyone is welcome even if you are just human. just be nice and remember no means no!
    led by Moonmoon19

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    Were donkeys!

    Anyone who likes weredonkeys or even is a weredonkey, come join this group!
    led by Moonmoon19

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    Straight 2 Gay

    Transformations involving straight guys being turned gay. Whether as revenge or payback to cheaters or homophobic bigots, or remaining masculine or becoming effeminate bottom bitches.
    led by Donker811

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    Trait Swapping/Beauty Theft

    Ever want to have someone's height? Someone's hair colour? Body hair? Muscle? Body frame? Or something else? Join in this interests you!!
    led by Atsuyo