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    Werewolf/wereanimal dating!

    Hello amd welcome my werefriends! This is a new dating group for werepeople of all kinds! Have fun! Everyone is welcome even if you are just human. just be nice and remember no means no!
    led by Moonmoon19

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    Were donkeys!

    Anyone who likes weredonkeys or even is a weredonkey, come join this group!
    led by Moonmoon19

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    Jasa SEO Situs Wisata Pulau Tidung

    Jasa SEO Situs Wisata Pulau Tidung
    led by maya

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    Fairy Tales come true

    A TF group that is fairy-tale based, please share and like!
    led by baldy

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    First-class option in your Writing

    Your query lies with the nice decision that there is on the net.
    led by Alice0123

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    Straight 2 Gay

    Transformations involving straight guys being turned gay. Whether as revenge or payback to cheaters or homophobic bigots, or remaining masculine or becoming effeminate bottom bitches.
    led by Donker811

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    Trait Swapping/Beauty Theft

    Ever want to have someone's height? Someone's hair colour? Body hair? Muscle? Body frame? Or something else? Join in this interests you!!
    led by Atsuyo

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    TF Story Links

    Share your favorite stories
    led by Grrr

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    Anything and anybody wearing a handsome human male skin disguise/suit. Tearing away that hunky handsome exterior to reveal something else underneath is my thing! Also feel free to check out my new site for more content at:  more
    led by ManGuise