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    Men (Unwillingly) Transformed While Wearing Suits And Ties...

    This is a celebration of one of the most mean-spirited and humiliating ways to TF a man: When he is all slicked up and looking his best in a sharp suit and tie. The man has an important occasion to do so, and needs to present his best self to the...  more
    led by Transformaster

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    Facebook Connections

    Just curious to see if there is anyone who wants to connect via Facebook?
    led by Atsuyo

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    Elastic Males

    The idea for this group is to have Elastic guys, whether it's photos, drawings, manips, anything counts. Any kind of stuff is welcome, furries, cartoons, you name it.
    led by LastikBoy Rodan

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    The TF cooking School

    come in i´ll show you new exotic recipes.
    or u can show some recipes,

    but don´t forget here is a TF cooking school eat here and cook here and then u will see what happends to you mwwwahahaha
    led by Werewolf

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    Pup and Dog boys

    For human dogs and pups and the guys that love them!
    led by Fogwatch

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    Ear TFs

    For those of you that like any tfs involving ears. Growing ears, or maybe anima ears. Not sure if there are any of you out there. :)
    led by Atsuyo

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    For people who likes the idea of only having one single, centered eye (instead of two) or desire a cyclops as a BF.
    led by muzcletongue

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    Oregon Werewolves

    A place for Werewolf Transformation fans from Oregon to hang out and chat.
    led by DrDoggy

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    Creating a new person through hypnosis
    led by libraryjock

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    RP Searches

    Post your ads, interests and contact details here.
    led by Josh Hutcherson