• 1,770


    Every full moon, you must give into your primal natures as you transform into a beast! When joining, please say what your beast is so we may have some great RPs :)
    led by DonkeyBoy9

  • 809

    magic christmas calendar

    wich tf is behind the next door of the calendar, open it and u will see what happend to you
    led by Werewolf

  • 1,288

    Laboratory Experiments

    Who like the idea the DNA can be change?

    what do u think it it possible in the future?
    led by Werewolf

  • 1,570

    Open for dating

    post in here with usefull info for people to know if you're open for dating and what you look for in hope for privete messeges :P
    led by AxelClassic

  • 1,049

    The Wolf Pack

    Who are the alpha,beta...?
    join here and choose your position
    led by Werewolf

  • 1,787

    Audio Transformations

    Do you like it?
    Or would you like to do one, maybe in a TF team?
    Post it here when you are interessted
    led by Werewolf

  • 1,128

    Master and Slaves

    are u a Master or a Slave
    do u love to transform your slaves?
    do u love to serve your master?
    led by Werewolf

  • 607

    Mystery Men Concert

    its a jazz,rap,latin,rock and Pop band who listen this music will be change into something, the guys do only concerts with 20-50 people every day a other album and a other tf
    led by Werewolf

  • 765


    Thought I would make a group for my fellow Canadian tfers to join!
    led by Atsuyo

  • 1,358

    Circe's Poker Game

    A Group made to play poker of sorts. The winner of each game gains a magic wish; The losers become beasts.
    led by slivermaster25