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    A place to share websites involving tf and beyond.
    Sites are quickly disappearing so it's great to direct the community in the right directions to fuel there tf interest.
    led by Pirate

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    Superhero TFs

    For anyone who enjoys Superman or any of his superhero comrades being transformed in a variety of different ways: Body Swaps, Animal Tfs, Genie Tfs, Weight Gain, Age Progression & Regression, Stolen Identity etc...
    led by Superman (TK)

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    Texas TFers

    A group for all of us who live in the Lone Star State!
    led by tfmrph33

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    Ethnicity Conversion

    Anyone interested in the transformation of ethnicity. Caucasian, Asian, Black ect
    led by Pirate

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    Body Swap

    For anyone interested in Body Swap media or Roleplay.
    led by Pirate

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    Reptile Room

    TF into reptiles and the like
    led by Freyr

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    Turn me into a Pokemon

    Ummm, hiya unexpected Pokemon trainers. We're here for some, harmless experimentations. We develop ways to be more in bond with your Pokemon, whether it be a Potion by our always reliable sorcerer or from... as I mentioned before, harmless experimenting...  more
    led by Leety

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    led by bull182

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    Sub Bois and Pets

    A place for pets, slaves, and guys who just like to be dominated, as well as a place for their future Doms to come check them out.

    This is a place for all guys into submissivness whether or not they themselves are the subs. Come and check us out we don't...  more
    led by Fogwatch

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    Virus infection Transformation

    infection by a virus to change into monsters, aliens, animals or others
    led by Werewolf