• 2,652

    Pig TF Orgy

    who wants to become a pig; sow, hog anthro or full with others ?

    here is the group for that :-)
    led by Werewolf

  • 2,907


    A group for any kind of primate tf. A place to howl, shriek, and ooh aah your way into a new, monkey body!
    led by Ricky01

  • 955

    Christmas Ornaments

    This one is for the holiday season. I did a few last year so lets get enough to fill an entire tree ;-)
    led by Eriknl77

  • 2,838

    Age Progression

    A group for people that like age progression transformations (imagine some 19-20-ish dude aging, sprouting hair all over, fattening up a bit/alot or even get muscles! some might get taller too!)
    led by Big tall gay werewolf

  • 2,486

    Story TFs

    For those of us who like a story to go with our art.
    led by Ares

  • 1,847

    Female TFs

    For fans of female transformations, mods, hybrids, ferals, or anything of the sort to identify with and discuss things.
    led by PoKeHybrid Trainer Jim

  • 3,094

    Public Transformations

    For those who prefer their transformations done publicly, willing or unwilling. On stage during a magic show or a scientist showcasing his discoveries to his colleagues. In a classroom for wizards or witches. A TF curse put on someone in a crowd of witnes...  more
    led by Rhinelander

  • 1,629

    Mannipers and Models

    For those looking for Photo manippers and models to pose
    led by Toshiki23

  • 854


    For all Playstation, xbox, nintendo and pc gamers

    Share your Steam/psn/xbox live/wii friend code, etc
    led by JamesGamer

  • 1,916