• 1,577

    TF Furries

    Those that like TF of the Furry Fandom
    led by TFMagic

  • 3,139


    For those of us men or women who think the tail is the hottest part of the transformation, especially when it's forced to sprout through underwear and tight pants.
    led by PuppyMaster

  • 3,482

    Pig TF Orgy

    who wants to become a pig; sow, hog anthro or full with others ?

    here is the group for that :-)
    led by Werewolf

  • 3,551


    A group for any kind of primate tf. A place to howl, shriek, and ooh aah your way into a new, monkey body!
    led by Ricky01

  • 1,301

    Christmas Ornaments

    This one is for the holiday season. I did a few last year so lets get enough to fill an entire tree ;-)
    led by Eriknl77

  • 3,447

    Age Progression

    A group for people that like age progression transformations (imagine some 19-20-ish dude aging, sprouting hair all over, fattening up a bit/alot or even get muscles! some might get taller too!)
    led by Big tall gay werewolf

  • 2,979

    Story TFs

    For those of us who like a story to go with our art.
    led by Ares

  • 2,283

    Female TFs

    For fans of female transformations, mods, hybrids, ferals, or anything of the sort to identify with and discuss things.
    led by PoKeHybrid Trainer Jim

  • 3,585

    Public Transformations

    For those who prefer their transformations done publicly, willing or unwilling. On stage during a magic show or a scientist showcasing his discoveries to his colleagues. In a classroom for wizards or witches. A TF curse put on someone in a crowd of...  more
    led by Rhinelander

  • 2,247

    Mannipers and Models

    For those looking for Photo manippers and models to pose
    led by Toshiki23