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Pile of Morning Wood
Damn, what a night. Just woke up an found this pile in front of me. Wow. I remember, I got so horny when tony kicked off his sneakers. I so wanted to have them for some fun.
I tried to hide my boner from my mates, but soon i wanted to sniff all their sneakers. So my drunken mind found a solution. I went to my room and got my dicking ray. I zapped Tony first, and then Andrew. The others picked them up and handed them around.
When I saw Steves crotch bulge up, I got into it and zapped them all.

Fuck I think i trashed their clothes before I dropped drunk to bed.

I think I have to say hello to my guests …

thysonrex Schmidt's Album: Dicking Ray

DESCRIPTION : Dicking Ray guns are amazing. One moment there is a nice guy, then »ZAPP« there is an an empty pile of clothes with a throbbing cock inside. No arguing about their tf, no delay and no messing around with potions. The instant way to get a new toy. I have one the size of a car remote always in my pocket. and another one installed in my camera equipment.