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thysonrex Schmidt's Album: Dicking Ray

DESCRIPTION : Dicking Ray guns are amazing. One moment there is a nice guy, then »ZAPP« there is an an empty pile of clothes with a throbbing cock inside. No arguing about their tf, no delay and no messing around with potions. The instant way to get a new toy. I have one the size of a car remote always in my pocket. and another one installed in my camera equipment.

  • purplepangolin
    purplepangolin "Looks like that did the trick. Ah, I see you saw that. I workout late for the peace, and he wasn't giving it to me, always following right after me on the equipment and trying to show me up. So I just put some dicking cream on this bench when I was...  more
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  • cicerosg2003
    cicerosg2003 It takes a lot of work to keep a body this nice. Steve thought he could keep up with me, and after an insane 90 minute workout, he clearly couldn't. So, now he spends the summer like this. He looks better already.
    May 14, 2020 - 5 like this
  • Xicon
    Xicon Love that possibility that after a summer of constant vascular activity and long, deep, recuperative rests, you might come back to humanity in the best shape of your life, ripped, veins bulging, and skin paper thin. Sure beats the pants off of that...  more
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  • DustyRhodes
    DustyRhodes I just asked you what time it was...geesh, I wasn't trying to hit on you! Please, turn me back!
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