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Robs Birthday present
Rob already knew my hobby. He even toyed around with some boys i dicked. So I am sure he knew what the cock ring with the funny little remote controll was all about.
It was fun to press the button and see his hardon drop to the floor. Free of his body he gained a few inches and fills up his boot nicely.
I stuffed him into the right boot and his flatmate into the left one. Flattening them while putting the boots on they enjoyed and amazing day as cocks and insoles at the same time.

thysonrex Schmidt's Album: Dicking Ray

DESCRIPTION : Dicking Ray guns are amazing. One moment there is a nice guy, then »ZAPP« there is an an empty pile of clothes with a throbbing cock inside. No arguing about their tf, no delay and no messing around with potions. The instant way to get a new toy. I have one the size of a car remote always in my pocket. and another one installed in my camera equipment.