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Brandons Bet
At the end of my hike with Jeff, I found Brandon here. He looked very interested at the bumps in my pockets. First I pulled Jeff out of my right pocket, then the ray gun out of my left. Brandon immediately got hard and he knew what was coming.

Quite convinced of himself he bet me: that he would get bigger than my ray gun. In that case I would give him a blowjob and turn him back straight away.

Otherwise, I get to keep him for as long as I want.

What do you think?

Did he mean length? Or the girth? With or without the handle?

It's so hard for me to decide who won the bet.

thysonrex Schmidt's Album: Dicking Ray

DESCRIPTION : Dicking Ray guns are amazing. One moment there is a nice guy, then »ZAPP« there is an an empty pile of clothes with a throbbing cock inside. No arguing about their tf, no delay and no messing around with potions. The instant way to get a new toy. I have one the size of a car remote always in my pocket. and another one installed in my camera equipment.