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Quality Time on Valentines Day
Valentines Lockdown Special. Test our new interface for long time dicking selfies. One free shot for all members.

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DESCRIPTION : After a quick update finally available bfor iOS 6 and Android: iDick – the irst choice dicking app for your smart phone. Dick yourself or your friends in 3 simple steps: 1. Take a pic of the guy | 2. setup his dicking profile and 3. turn his tf on or off as often as you like. Use the timer to TF yourself savely for a few hours and ejoy your trip

  • Drakkenfyre
    Drakkenfyre Cupids Arrow allows you to target your true love or crush. Be sure your camera is not in selfie mode, unless you want to dick yourself as a Valentine's surprise. The special Cupids Arrow feature on the app allows you to target and transform complete...  more
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  • Marc
    Marc mmm woof love it, God he has transformed into such a hunk and now he is just his own cock, look forward to sucking that
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  • Pirate
    Pirate certainly is better than spending valentines day alone in your regular body
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  • Aiko
    Aiko Would be a different kind of valentine’s dat for once for sure.
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