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Careful how many times you use that pig emoji!

rockabilly50's Album: Oinkers


  • SwineAndRoses
    SwineAndRoses I use the pig emoji every day, why hasn't this happened to me yet? T_T
  • Drakkenfyre
    Drakkenfyre You have to use ot on yourself not others. Get others to use it on you. Belief is a powerful weapon. If peopld believe you are a pig, there's a good chance they will be right. Now squal, pig boy!
  • Drakkenfyre
    Drakkenfyre Aw, Wilbur, don't look so forlorn. I mean, surely you knew it was bound to happen. Your parents named you "Wilbur", you come to a secret magical college called Webster Arcane University in Charlottesville, and you hookup with a sleazy guy named...  more
  • Nebulas
    Nebulas Such a cute piggy. Fantastic!
    I think i have to use the pig emoji a lot more from now on.
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