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  • Drakkenfyre
    Drakkenfyre Something fishy going on here. Went for a swim by the old chemical plant. Now he's got a live fish growing out of his crotch where his dick and balls used to be.
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  • Drakkenfyre
    Drakkenfyre Retro vibe: Jeannie (from I Dream of Jeannie) says, "Oh, Master, I'm sorry but my allergies are acting up, and when I sneezed I turned Colonel Bellows into your dick, because you said he was being a dick, and achoo. I have tried to change him back,...  more
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  • 555666777888
    555666777888 I guess he didn't know that being elastic can make a stiffy chub up. Though now he can play a round of sock'em boppers with himself, giving a whole new meaning to beating his meat.
  • rubber pet
    rubber pet it is looking like a pod, of some kind.