• 4 members led by flattenedmale
    Please if you have picture of men being flattened or squashed under giant men be free to psot
  • 1 member led by halloween
    Why this gynaecologist wants us all to stop wearing

    There can be something quite freeing http://w...  more
  • 12 members led by firewave12311
  • 11 members led by Oritan
    For those who like a little digivolution in their loves
  • 17 members led by Bryce Morningstar
    Please submit your stock images here and be respectful to others.

    What I can do will be posted please refer to that for my rules as well.
    ...  more
  • 31 members led by AxelClassic
    a place to give and receive tips on how to do manipulation, how to use photoshop, use a camera or even tips on how to take good picture of yourself alone for manipulation purposes when you obviously can't rely on someone else to hold the camera.
  • 49 members led by Superman (TK)
    For anyone who enjoys Superman or any of his superhero comrades being transformed in a variety of different ways: Body Swaps, Animal Tfs, Genie Tfs, Weight Gain, Age Progression & Regression, Stolen Identity etc...
  • 48 members led by Leety
    Ummm, hiya unexpected Pokemon trainers. We're here for some, harmless experimentations. We develop ways to be more in bond with your Pokemon, whether it be a Potion by our always reliable sorcerer or from... as I mentioned before, harmless experimenting...  more
  • 98 members led by Big tall gay werewolf
    A group for people that like age progression transformations (imagine some 19-20-ish dude aging, sprouting hair all over, fattening up a bit/alot or even get muscles! some might get taller too!)
  • 72 members led by Vincent Hayes
    I personally feel the Manippers and Models group would've been better for this, but we really need a good group that's actually going to be run that's just for stock images.

    As such, this group and uploading to it is entirely open for all registered memb...  more