• 75 members led by Freyr
    TF into reptiles and the like
  • 48 members led by Leety
    Ummm, hiya unexpected Pokemon trainers. We're here for some, harmless experimentations. We develop ways to be more in bond with your Pokemon, whether it be a Potion by our always reliable sorcerer or from... as I mentioned before, harmless experimenting...  more
  • 34 members led by bull182
  • 161 members led by Fogwatch
    A place for pets, slaves, and guys who just like to be dominated, as well as a place for their future Doms to come check them out.

    This is a place for all guys into submissivness whether or not they themselves are the subs. Come and check us out we don't...  more
  • 101 members led by Werewolf
    infection by a virus to change into monsters, aliens, animals or others
  • 136 members led by Werewolf
    here a farm where humans change into farm-animals
  • 92 members led by FrostVulp
    Those that like TF of the Furry Fandom
  • 104 members led by PuppyMaster
    For those of us men or women who think the tail is the hottest part of the transformation, especially when it's forced to sprout through underwear and tight pants.
  • 109 members led by Werewolf
    who wants to become a pig; sow, hog anthro or full with others ?

    here is the group for that :-)
  • 127 members led by Ricky01
    A group for any kind of primate tf. A place to howl, shriek, and ooh aah your way into a new, monkey body!