• 91 members led by PoKeHybrid Trainer Jim
    For fans of female transformations, mods, hybrids, ferals, or anything of the sort to identify with and discuss things.
  • 161 members led by Rhinelander
    For those who prefer their transformations done publicly, willing or unwilling. On stage during a magic show or a scientist showcasing his discoveries to his colleagues. In a classroom for wizards or witches. A TF curse put on someone in a crowd of witnes...  more
  • 55 members led by Toshiki23
    For those looking for Photo manippers and models to pose
  • 59 members led by JamesGamer
    For all Playstation, xbox, nintendo and pc gamers

    Share your Steam/psn/xbox live/wii friend code, etc
  • 88 members led by reecestallion
  • 161 members led by reecestallion
    Horse TF
  • 177 members led by Atsuyo
    Whether it be muscle drain/theft, or growth. For those you who enjoy muscle transformations. =D
  • 104 members led by cookiemonster
    For those of you who like your men with a few extra parts!
  • 127 members led by Atsuyo
    For those of you that like shrinking men! Share scenarios, your favourite media and more!
  • 182 members led by Marc
    Hypnosis groupe for fellow tf'ers who are in to hypno