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    For everyone who wants to be turned in to a slimey snail, slug or worm or enjoys doing it to others
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    here you can found men, who get a very rapid hair or beard growing scenes. or get a reverse hair cut /shaving (shave)
  • 6 members led by Plasticpup Pup
    This is a place where artists can join that are interested in taking commissions for a fee.
    If you see a member on this group, they are willing to do art for their requested fee rates.
    You will need to negotiate with the individual for their rates.
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    I think I'm going to make a Kik group for us for those that want to join!
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    This is for anyone who is interested in possibly mailing each other clothes, swapping outfits.
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    For all the ones who love the idea of being/having webbed extremities like e.g. otter , frog, platypus, crocodile, bat etc. Transformation sequences also. If you have pictures, photos or links feel free to share them :) Only exception the webbing must be ...  more
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    This is a group for anyone who wishes to join my leather army.
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    The word "Liquescensis," is refuring to the art of melting.
    Here you will find a variety of melted puddle men.
    Feel free to add stories and comments other than just liking the photos or stories that are posted.
    With out your comments, the group won't g...  more