• 10 members led by Oritan
    For those who like a little digivolution in their loves
  • 13 members led by Bryce Morningstar
    Please submit your stock images here and be respectful to others.

    What I can do will be posted please refer to that for my rules as well.
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    Create your own Polls here or paste a link on it
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    For those people who love to explore TF through physical means.
  • 21 members led by Fogwatch
    For the First Annual TF Secret Santa, in which your Secret Santa TFs YOU!
  • 5 members led by Werewolf
  • 19 members led by Robotic
    For anyone who likes the idea of turning to a cyborg or robot or android
  • 38 members led by Atsuyo
    For those of you that love the idea of guys stealing size or height. Or switching height with someone else.
  • 31 members led by Dutch_Bull
    for everyone that thinks bigger is better ^^
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    This is a celebration of one of the most mean-spirited and humiliating ways to TF a man: When he is all slicked up and looking his best in a sharp suit and tie. The man has an important occasion to do so, and needs to present his best self to the world....  more