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    are u a Master or a Slave
    do u love to transform your slaves?
    do u love to serve your master?
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    its a jazz,rap,latin,rock and Pop band who listen this music will be change into something, the guys do only concerts with 20-50 people every day a other album and a other tf
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    Thought I would make a group for my fellow Canadian tfers to join!
  • 20 members led by slivermaster25
    A Group made to play poker of sorts. The winner of each game gains a magic wish; The losers become beasts.
  • 47 members led by frooooooo
    a group for photos, stories, links, discussion and anything else related to conjoing bodies! :D
  • 71 members led by Pirate
    Interested in getting a new personality? To have a new mind or just to get a upgrade to your own one. Want to be a thug, a nerd, an idiot. Let another personality takeover your entire being.
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    uno cree que pedir un deseo no siempre sale a pedir de boca como por ejemplo que te traten como un adulto y al dia siquiente descubrir que eres un adulto
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    YOU can Battle with a OTHER guy here...

    ( two magician try to duel each other who are changed and wo will win? )
    ((one magician with his group duel with a other magician with the group))
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    what is in 10 or 20 years are we all animals or other beasts or we are all our technology?

    We are cyborgs? or Monsters,Demons,or Animal beasts?

    Questions questions....
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    for anyone interested in jock/sports mental and physical transformations, and in the underwear itself