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    For anyone who enjoys Superman or any of his superhero comrades being transformed in a variety of different ways: Body Swaps, Animal Tfs, Genie Tfs, Weight Gain, Age Progression & Regression, Stolen Identity etc...
  • 11 members led by tfmrph33
    A group for all of us who live in the Lone Star State!
  • 89 members led by Pirate
    Anyone interested in the transformation of ethnicity. Caucasian, Asian, Black ect
  • 132 members led by Pirate
    For anyone interested in Body Swap media or Roleplay.
  • 75 members led by Freyr
    TF into reptiles and the like
  • 50 members led by Leety
    Ummm, hiya unexpected Pokemon trainers. We're here for some, harmless experimentations. We develop ways to be more in bond with your Pokemon, whether it be a Potion by our always reliable sorcerer or from... as I mentioned before, harmless experimenting...  more
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    A place for pets, slaves, and guys who just like to be dominated, as well as a place for their future Doms to come check them out.

    This is a place for all guys into submissivness whether or not they themselves are the subs. Come and check us out we don't...  more
  • 99 members led by Werewolf
    infection by a virus to change into monsters, aliens, animals or others
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    here a farm where humans change into farm-animals