• 8 members led by Behemoth
    for any and all people that love the Heartless in Kingdom Hearts games.....despite them being annoying to kill at times...but still love them ^_^
  • 150 members led by pupFacota
    A group for those on Tumblr. You can join even if you are not on Tumblr. Post pictures you find interesting on Tumblr.
  • 60 members led by Lanthanidal
    Seriously? No feline TF group? I had to fix that :P
  • 73 members led by Triskaidekathon
    For the appreciation of diabolic transmutations and hellish metamorphosis.
  • 130 members led by biggerallover
    A group for those into weight gain. Be it the first 15 to a few hundred pounds.
  • 109 members led by Pirate
  • 117 members led by Werewolf
    all are the into Slime and Rubber tf

    to become a slimy monster creature or a submissive rubber slave
  • 31 members led by AxelClassic
    a place to give and receive tips on how to do manipulation, how to use photoshop, use a camera or even tips on how to take good picture of yourself alone for manipulation purposes when you obviously can't rely on someone else to hold the camera.
  • 16 members led by Big tall gay werewolf
    A group where you can find other people talking/ writing in French about transformations! This way, you can find people with who you can share your thoughts and even roleplay (RP) in French!

    Un groupe où vous pouvez trouver des gens parlant/ écrivant ...  more
  • TG

    106 members led by Pirate
    For any lovers of gender transformations