• 134 members led by Werewolf
    here a farm where humans change into farm-animals
  • 93 members led by FrostVulp
    Those that like TF of the Furry Fandom
  • 104 members led by PuppyMaster
    For those of us men or women who think the tail is the hottest part of the transformation, especially when it's forced to sprout through underwear and tight pants.
  • 105 members led by Werewolf
    who wants to become a pig; sow, hog anthro or full with others ?

    here is the group for that :-)
  • 124 members led by Ricky01
    A group for any kind of primate tf. A place to howl, shriek, and ooh aah your way into a new, monkey body!
  • 16 members led by Eriknl77
    This one is for the holiday season. I did a few last year so lets get enough to fill an entire tree ;-)
  • 98 members led by Big tall gay werewolf
    A group for people that like age progression transformations (imagine some 19-20-ish dude aging, sprouting hair all over, fattening up a bit/alot or even get muscles! some might get taller too!)
  • 223 members led by Xaie
    Heehaww *coughs and grins* For all those who´d like to see a man smoking a cigar and drinking some alcohol and sealing his fate on the island. They gonna start braying and beg to flee before they slowly change into donkey without being able to control tho...  more
  • 73 members led by Vincent Hayes
    I personally feel the Manippers and Models group would've been better for this, but we really need a good group that's actually going to be run that's just for stock images.

    As such, this group and uploading to it is entirely open for all registered memb...  more
  • 132 members led by Ares
    For those of us who like a story to go with our art.