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National Photonics Initiative Recommends High-Power Laser Office

  • June 24, 2016
    WASHINGTON, D. C., June 24, 2016 - Members of the National Photonics Gumption (NPI) High Power Lasers (HPL) Task Force - comprising leading defense contractors, commercial laser companies and academia - today announced recommendations to improve You. S. defense operations and manufacturing capabilities. The recommendations call for the establishment of a directed energy program office to put together domestic manufacturing of <a href="http://www.antyco.com">Germanium Window</a> high-power lasers.

    The program office would ensure the <a href="http://www.antyco.com">BBO Crystal</a> domestic supply of critical components required for high power lasers for defense, and also support commercial technology applications such as cutting, welding and additive manufacturing.

    NPI HPL reported that volume manufacturing of high power lasers is moving ocean going, where technology transfer enables foreign defense perils that erode the You. S. industrial base. At the same time, foreign competition has expanded rapidly, particularly in China and Russia. A directed energy program office will also serve to enhance policies that intelligently protect critical technologies while not curbing the success of You. S. exporting companies.

    Eugene Arthurs, co-chair of the NPI HPL <a href="http://www.antyco.com/CaF2-Windows-page-9-6.html">CaF2 Windows</a> Task Force and CEO of SPIE, the <a href="http://www.antyco.com">Silicon Windows</a> International Society for Optics and Photonics, mentioned regressing funding for high-power laser programs over the last decade, while the technology itself is “on the cusp of practical rendering for the warfighter. ”.